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Part time equipment operator

Falmouth, MI, USA

Job Type

Equipment Operator

About the Role

In this position you will be operating well maintained equipment working in the fields spring and fall. Tendering sprayer during the summer as needed and packing pile in the fall.


  • Experience operating farm machinery.

  • Demonstrate a good work ethic.

  • Reliable and self-motivated.

  • Ability to learn, take instructions, problem solve and pay strong attention to detail.

  • Experience working independently and completing tasks without supervision, also able to work within a team.

  • A positive, driven attitude and are capable of setting priorities.

  • Will be required to work 2 days a week. (flexable on days)

About the Company

Gernaat Dairy, LLC is a family-owned, 6,000-head dairy with two locations located around Falmouth, MI (20 miles east of Cadillac, MI). We pride ourselves on operating a progressive dairy farm offering high quality milk to our customers while also being great stewards of the land. Our team prides itself on working together to be a solid, efficient and well-organized team.

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